Dermatox provides the service to assembly and/or inspect Product Information Files. We have experience of working with producers both within and outside EU.

All cosmetic products placed on the EU market must have a Product Information File (P.I.F.). The biggest part of the P.I.F. is the safety report (Cosmetic Product Safety Report or CPSR). View tab CPSR for more detailed information.

NOTE! All information in P.I.F. does not need to be put together in a single document or folder. Different parts can be stored in different databases. It is sufficient that under each heading have a clear reference to where the information can be found. All information/documentation must be easily accessible so that a complete P.I.F. can be put together for a potential inspection.

The european trade association for cosmetics, Cosmetics Europe, has published a guide for how a P.I.F. file can be designed. Guidelines on Product Information File (PIF) Requirement, 2011